30 Angkor Wat Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Cambodia

The Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia is one of the biggest religious monuments in the world, and it belongs on the bucket list of any serious traveler.

Exploring this area feels a bit like stepping into The Jungle Book. These are massive Hindu temple ruins built by the Khmer empire in the 12th century, and they cover hundreds of acres of land.

I’ve visited Cambodia several times, but it’s always a fascinating and thought provoking place. Hopefully these pictures of the Angkor Wat inspire your travels!


Sunrise at the Angkor Wat. You’ll have to fight your way through crowds of tourists to get a front seat, but this is one sunrise you don’t want to miss!






Bayon temple is one of the first stops on a tour of the Angkor small circuit.


This one is part of the 9th century Roluos group.


This pyramid temple is a hidden gem and one of my favorites in the whole area.


Enter if you dare.


Color in the swamp.


Ta Prohm is one of the most famous temples in the Angkor Wat. It’s called the Tomb Raider temple because of being featured in the Angelina Jolie movie.


Ancient carvings of Khmer people.


The massive roots of a strangler tree.


These stone faces at Bayon temple are one of the most well known sights of Angkor.


An old stone window.


The lost temples of Prasat Pram.


The ancient 7-story pyramid at Koh Ker.


Stone figures guarding the bridge to Angkor Thom temple.


The strangler roots are holding this temple together!


Intricate Hindu carvings in an orange stone wall
Some of the best Khmer carvings are at Banteay Srei temple.


Leak Neang temple is one of the stops on the Angkor Wat grand circuit tour.


Wall carvings of soldiers and war elephants
The Khmers used elephants in war, and they also used them to build the Angkor temples.


Some of the temples, like Beng Mealea, have almost completely fallen apart over time.


There’s that iconic stone face again.


Banteay Srei is one of the less visited temples in Cambodia because of its distance from Siem Reap, but the colors and design are unique.


More strangler trees.


The many doorways of Bayon temple. Which one is right?


An elephant statue at Leak Neang temple.


Some paintings for sale at the river market in Siem Reap.


Epic trees and ancient temples.


This was probably my favorite painting at the riverside.


Colorful sunrise behind the outline of a temple
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