8 Best Temples To Visit In Bali, Indonesia

Bali has dozens of old Hindu temples to explore, but the most interesting ones are in Ubud and north Bali.

The architecture and history behind some of these is pretty cool, so it’s a good idea to see at least a couple on your trip to Bali.

Here are 8 of the best temples to visit in Bali!

1. Saraswati Temple

The Saraswati water temple is in Ubud and it has some of the coolest wall patterns and carvings you’ll see in Bali. The doors are insanely detailed and elaborate. Flowers, dragons, demon figures, and more.

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2. Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest

The Instagram famous Ubud Monkey Forest is mostly known for the wild monkeys living there (duh), but it also has some old temples and dragon statues in the jungle that are worth checking out. The whole place has an Indiana Jones-y feel to it.

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3. Danau Bratan Temple

This is an old temple on a crater lake, and it’s arguably one of the most famous and iconic places in Bali. The 12-story pagoda just screams ‘Asia’, and the mountains in the background aren’t too shabby either.

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4. Uluwatu Temple

The Uluwatu temple sits on the edge of a huge cliff in south Bali. The pagoda itself may not be spectacular, but the setting is really scenic and gives you some epic views of the ocean cliffs. Watch out for the monkeys here, they’re notorious for trying to snatch your stuff!


5. Goa Gajah Temple

This is one of the oldest temples I’ve visited in Ubud, and also one of the weirdest. The doorway to the cave is really bizarre and unique, and it feels like you’re walking into the belly of some underground rock monster.

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6. Saren Agung Temple

Also known as the Ubud Royal Palace, this one was built in the 1800s and it’s easily the most well known temple in Ubud, partly because it’s located directly in the city center. This is one of the easiest temples to visit in Bali.

7. Tanah Lot Temple

This is a mysterious looking 16th century temple on a rock overlooking the ocean. It’s a popular sunset spot, or you can even walk out closer to it when the tide is low.

8. Batuan Temple

This is an ancient 10th century temple located in Batuan village, halfway between Ubud and Sanur. The whole temple grounds are open to tourists, and a lot of the buildings and carvings are different from what you normally see at other Balinese temples.