Green Bowl Beach In South Bali

Green Bowl is one of my favorite hidden beaches in south Bali.

It’s a long walk down to the beach, but you’re greeted by a perfect stretch of white sand and two big sea caves to explore.

Visiting Green Bowl Beach

The location of the beach is kind of remote, but that keeps it from getting too crowded.

The name Green Bowl comes from the bright green seaweed covering the rocks at low tide, but this beach also has a lot of other cool features.

It’s supposed to be one of the best spots for surfing, and the position is good for watching the sunset. Regardless of whether you’re wanting to explore or just relax, this beach is one of the best.

Do watch out for the monkeys in the parking lot and on the trail! They may try to steal your stuff if you get too close to them.

Sea Caves

There are two big sea caves at the end of the beach, and one of the caves has some kind of little temple inside of it.

You can go inside here for shade if you need it.

Entrance Fees

The parking fee is 5k IDR (less than one US Dollar) as of 2019.

There are some food and drink shacks in the parking area if you want to stock up on supplies before or after visiting the beach. The fresh coconuts are 15k IDR ($1 USD).

How To Get To Green Bowl Beach

The beach is located on the southern most coast of Bali, not far from the Uluwatu area.

It’s about 9 miles (15 km) or a 1 hour drive south of Kuta.

From the parking area, just take a left and walk down the stairs for about 20 minutes.

The stairs are not too bad on the way down, but they’re pretty exhausting going back up.


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