Kelingking Beach & T-Rex Cliff Point In Nusa Penida, Bali

The amazing Kelingking beach cliff (also known as Karang Dawa) is the most famous view in Nusa Penida, and probably one of the most famous views in all of Bali.

It’s hard to browse Instagram without seeing epic pics of this natural wonder. Recently it was even named the 2nd best beach in Asia by TripAdvisor.

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, you should definitely check it out!

Kelingking Cliff Point

The main view is an incredible ‘T-Rex jaw’ shaped rock sticking out over the ocean, with perfect turquoise water splashing around it. The first time you look over the edge of the cliff and see this view, it really is breathtaking!

I’d recommend going early because this spot can be very crowded, especially during high season, and the hike down to the beach will also be a lot easier in the morning before it heats up.

When I went back here last July in the late afternoon, the hiking path down to the beach was very crowded and the heat made it a huge pain to hike back up.

Side note: since Kelingking is on the west side of Penida, that also makes it a great spot to watch the sunset.

Kelingking Beach

After you’re done staring in awe at the Kelingking T-Rex, there’s also a path to go down to the beach at the bottom.

This hike is a major workout, a bit scary, and takes at least 2 hours roundtrip. This hike is very steep and it IS a safety risk if you aren’t careful. When I went, there were several people (including myself) who were dehydrated and struggling to hike all the way back up.

Bring a lot of water if you do this hike, and wear shoes. Sandals will not give you enough grip, and the rocks are too hot to go barefoot.

There are occasionally some drinks for sale at the bottom, but they’re more expensive and there’s no guarantee that they will be in stock. You can buy drinks at one of the food shacks near the top of the cliff before doing the hike.

As you can see in the picture below, the beach at the bottom is pristine and the waves are big; there’s even a couple of caves down there!

EXTRA: Paluang Cliff

This is another view point just a 5 minute drive or less from Kelingking cliff. Paluang may not be as well known as the famous Kelingking view, but that’s part of the appeal. It’s a great hidden spot that gives you a different view of the cliffs.

More info: Paluang Cliff Viewpoint

EXTRA: Paluang Cliff Viewpoint
Entrance Fees

The parking fee at Kelingking is 5k IDR (less than one US Dollar) as of 2019.

How To Get To Kelingking Cliff Point

Kelingking cliff point is on the west side of Nusa Penida island.

It’s accessible by car or scooter, and takes about a 1 hour drive to reach from the main docks and accommodation in northern Penida. Be careful if you go by scooter because the road can be pretty rough and may be dangerous in some spots if you don’t take it slow!

There are some nice food and drink shacks in the parking area if you want to stock up before or after your hike down to the beach!

If you’re looking for more info on how to get to Nusa Penida island in the first place, you can find that here.

Day Tours To Kelingking Cliff Point

If you’re on a tight schedule or want to skip the extra steps involved in arranging your own trip to Nusa Penida, has prearranged day trips to Penida for as low as 600k IDR, complete with hotel transfer, island tour, lunch, and same day return to Bali.

We’ve used Klook for lots of day tours and activities around the world, and they’ve been great! Highly recommended.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at Saren Villa on the north coast of Nusa Penida, and paid $19 USD for a private double room with cold A/C, hot shower, and good WiFi.

It's not the cheapest option in Penida, but that price includes free breakfast and a great location near the best restaurants! I was happy.

Prices may fluctuate from time to time, so just keep an eye out for a good deal.

Our Nusa Penida hotel (Image courtesy of
Our Nusa Penida hotel (Image courtesy of

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