Nudey Beach Fitzroy Island: Best Beach In Australia?

by David & Intan

Nudey Beach on Fitzroy Island was recently named the best beach in Australia.

The Aussies have a lot of great beaches, and I haven’t visited all of them to see if Nudey is the best, but it definitely belongs somewhere near the top!

This travel guide will explain how to get there, and everything you need to know before you go!


What To Expect: Nudey Beach

Nudey has a very unspoiled feel to it, and even on an overcast day the views in the distance were really nice.

Since it’s off the mainland, it doesn’t seem to get too crowded either. The name is a misnomer by the way, it’s not a nude beach.

Actually, this island is part of the Great Barrier Reef. But what’s really special here is the clean white sand, boulders, and turquoise water.

Nudey Beach on Fitzroy Island in Australia

Nudey Beach sand on Fitzroy Island in Australia

Entrance Fees

It’s FREE to visit Fitzroy Island or Nudey Beach.

There’s no entry fee aside from the cost of the ferry ride to the island.

How To Get To Nudey Beach

Fitzroy Island is located in Queensland, Australia, just 29 kilometers (18 miles) southeast of the city of Cairns, which is home to Cairns International Airport (CNS). You can shop for flights to Cairns at Skyscanner.

From Cairns, you can visit Fitzroy on a day trip, or you can camp or stay overnight at the resort. The ferry ride to Fitzroy Island only takes 45 minutes from Cairns and costs $80 AUD roundtrip.

From the resort and arrival area at the jetty, it’s just a 20 minute hike (one way) to get to the beach. The path to the beach is well marked, paved, and pretty flat for the most part.


Nudey Beach rocks on Fitzroy Island in Australia

Nudey Beach rocks on Fitzroy Island in Australia

Nudey Beach rocks on Fitzroy Island in Australia

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