20 Petra Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Jordan

by David & Intan

Instagram abounds with Petra pictures, and Jordan is emerging as one of the most popular countries to visit in the Middle East. It’s pretty safe and affordable, and there are some amazing things to do.

Of course, the highlight of any trip to Jordan is Petra, the hidden city in the rock. This is an incredible ancient town carved into the rocks in southern Jordan. It can be explored by foot, or on the back of a camel.

Hopefully these Petra pictures inspire you to visit!
Roman ruins near the Collonnaded Street in Petra Jordan

There are some interesting Roman ruins near the Collonnaded Street.

Small rock house on the road to Petra, Jordan

You get to see a bunch of small rock houses like this on the road to Petra.

Camels posing in front of the treasury in Petra, Jordan

These camels are posing in front of ‘Al-Khazneh’ — the Treasury of Petra.

Rocky mountain view above Petra, Jordan

If you climb above Petra, you can see rock mountains like this in all directions.

Camel face at Petra, Jordan

Petra camel striking a pose.

View from a Bedouin tent above Petra, Jordan

A view from one of the Bedouin tents above Petra. See the Roman theater?

Sand art souvenirs for sale in Petra, Jordan

Sand art souvenirs for sale in Petra. The craftsmen can add your name in sand letters too.

Bizarre rock formations on the way to the monastery in Petra, Jordan

One of the weird rock formations on the way to the Monastery.

Flower near the monastery in Petra, Jordan

Flowers near the Monastery.

Peeking at the Treasury through the Siq passageway in Petra, Jordan

Peeking at the Treasury through the Siq passageway. This is one of the best spots to take Petra Jordan pictures.

Rocky cliffs around Petra, Jordan

Rocky cliffs in all directions.

Pet cat at Petra, Jordan

Soaking up sun.

Looking up at the Treasury in Petra, Jordan

Looking up at the Treasury.

Narrow twisting rock ceilings of the Siq pathway in Petra, Jordan

The narrow twisting rock ceilings of the Siq pathway.

Pink roses by the Monastery in Petra, Jordan

Flowers by the Monastery.

Pet camel wearing a saddle near Petra, Jordan

If you don’t feel like walking around Petra, you can pay to ride a camel.

Tourists walking through the Siq passage in Petra, Jordan

Visitors walking through the Siq.

Mountains and cliffs in Petra, Jordan

Mountains in the distance. See the cave entrance on the left?

Tomb of Unayshu in Petra, Jordan

Tomb of ‘Unayshu.

View of the Treasury of Petra, Jordan when you first walk through the Siq passageway

This is the first view you get of the incredible Treasury of Petra when you walk through the Siq passageway.


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