24 Tokyo Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Japan

by David & Intan

Tokyo is more than just the capital of Japan, it’s also one of the world’s busiest and most impressive cities. Check out these Tokyo pictures to see why!

Safe and efficient, with lots to see and do, Tokyo is a great city for every type of traveler! It’s a world class foodie destination, with hundreds of Michelin starred restaurants (far more than any other city in the world).

Tokyo also holds records for the world’s tallest tower (Tokyo Skytree) and busiest railway station, among many other things. And if you ever get bored in the city, there are lots of great day trips you can do to places nearby.

Hopefully these Tokyo pictures inspire you to visit!


Tokyo Pictures shibuya crossing

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo is famous for being the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world.

Tokyo Pictures shibuya city streets

Shibuya city streets.


Japanese vending machines always have both hot and cold drinks.


Shinjuku ward is popular for electronics, department stores, restaurants, and nightlife. It also has the world’s busiest railway station.


The Samurai Museum in Tokyo has some great swords and armor on display.


A sleek and sexy bullet train (‘shinkansen’) in Tokyo. These trains are a joy to ride, and they can go hundreds of miles per hour.


Kawasaki isn’t just a motorcycle brand. This is the Kawasaki Daishi Temple near Tokyo.


Haven’t you always wanted Japanese Godzilla boxers?!


Restaurants in Japan use replica food made of plastic to show off their menus. Sounds weird, but it’s a lot more intuitive than reading through a menu, and it takes care of the language barrier!


Asakusa is a great place to take interesting Tokyo pictures. Traditional masks like these are worn for festivals and fun.


Coca-Cola’s unique bottle designs for cities and events across Japan.


Souvenir fridge magnets.


Sensoji Temple in Asakusa is one of my favorites. It’s the oldest and most popular temple in Tokyo.


Japanese candy is very different. Mochi and Daifuku (pictured) might weird you out at first, but this stuff grows on you!


The big gate at Sensoji Temple.


A row of artistic paper fans for sale at the temple.


Tatami sandals for sale at Sensoji Temple.


Soft serve ice cream is always sold at the tourist sights, and so is matcha (green tea). There’s a matcha flavor of everything in Japan.


A familiar face in Akihabara, Tokyo.


My wife rented a kimono in Tokyo and we headed over to the famous Shibuya Crossing. Perfect photo spot!


There are lots of kimono rental shops in the Tokyo area where you can rent Japanese dresses like this.


A gang of Japanese snow monkeys. If you visit Tokyo in the winter, you have to go see the snow monkeys at Nagano! It’s a must!


A snowy mountain village in winter. This is one of the views you’ll see if you take a day trip from Tokyo to the Snow Monkey Park in Nagano.


Matsumoto Castle is one of the best day trips you can take from Tokyo. This is a Samurai fortress built in the 1500s.


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James Krug January 7, 2021 - 3:51 pm

Japan is one of the nicest places to travel to. Good food, plenty of sites to see, and of course the friendliest people you will find anywhere. Do visit some of the tech shops there. Plenty of new gadgets to buy. It is a little pricey though but well worth the trip. Do travel on the bullet train. A very fast and efficient form of transportation there. YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR TIME SPENT IN JAPAN, I GUARANTEE IT!


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