Nungnung Waterfall Near Ubud, Bali

Nungnung Waterfall is one of the biggest and most powerful falls in Bali, Indonesia.

It’s a bit harder to reach than others because you have to hike down a tropical gorge to get to it, but the views are awesome.

This travel guide will explain how to get there, and everything you need to know before you go!
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Nungnung Waterfall Hike

The hike to Nungnung is about 500 steps in total, and it’s worth every step!

It takes about 15 minutes to walk down, and 30 minutes to hike back up, but it feels longer because of the humidity and incline.

The jungle surroundings are amazing, and you pass a couple of smaller waterfalls on the way to the big one.

The grand finale of this trek is a huge waterfall with a ton of mist flying in all directions.

Keep a healthy distance or your electronics will get wet. The rocks near the waterfall can be slippery too, so keep that in mind.

Hiker at Nungnung Waterfall in Bali
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Nungnung Waterfall in Bali
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The first time I visited this waterfall was in 2017, and it was still a hidden secret. I was completely alone except for a local couple that was also there doing the hike.
If you have a drone and you’re feeling brave, you can get some great shots flying over this waterfall in tripod mode!
Drone pic of Nungnung Waterfall in Bali
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Entrance Fee

The entry fee is only 20k IDR (a little over $1 USD) as of 2020.

How To Get There

Nungnung waterfall is located halfway between Ubud and Singaraja, Bali.

It takes about 1 hour of driving to reach it from either of these areas.

The best way to get there is to rent a scooter or hire a private car and driver (both of these can be booked online).

The hike to the waterfall is short, but exhausting. Bring water!

My woman at Nungnung Waterfall in Bali
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Exotic plants at Nungnung Waterfall in Bali
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