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Vietnam is a fascinating travel destination with good cuisine and lots of history.

North Vietnam has rugged mountains and green rice terraces, while south Vietnam has the Mekong Delta, the infamous Cu Chi tunnels, and other interesting locales from the Vietnam War era.

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Quick Facts


Vietnamese; 'Thank you' is 'cam on'


Folk religion




eVisa or visa free access for 70+ countries


Tropical; hot & humid year round. Dry season is Nov - April

Power Plugs



The main airports in Vietnam are in Hanoi (HAN), Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), and Da Nang (DAD), which all have direct flights from many countries in Southeast Asia and beyond. There are also direct international flights to popular spots like Nha Trang and Phu Quoc.

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Vietnam is a relatively safe place to travel, with a low violent crime rate of 1.5 per 100k inhabitants (76% lower than the global average). People are very friendly and welcoming.

The biggest safety risks are probably motorbike accidents and natural threats, like dengue fever or malaria. Be sure to wear mosquito spray in rural areas or near farmlands, especially during the rainy season.


The climate of Vietnam is tropical, so the weather is generally hot and humid year round, although the northern part of the country can have cooler temperatures at altitude.

Vietnam's 'winter' is mostly dry and that runs from November to April in the north, while the summer experiences a lot of rain and lasts from May to October (with the wettest months being June, July, and August).


Vietnam is a very budget friendly travel destination, with hostels available from 120k Vietnamese Dong ($5 USD) and private hotels from 360k. Meals are also cheap, costing about 50k to 150k VND depending on location.

Transportation in Vietnam is generally by motorbike or car, and these can be rented, but hiring a driver is cheap and often preferable. Transportation apps like Grab and Go-Jek are great for short distance trips. For longer distance trips, buses are the way to go.


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