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Indonesia is raw, uncharted travel at its best. This group of 17,000 islands is largely unexplored by tourists and it has everything you could want in an adventure: volcanoes, waterfalls, jungles, underwater coral reefs, and lots of unique wildlife above and below the sea.

The most famous destination in Indonesia is the island of Bali, with its green rice paddies, luxury resorts, and local cuisine, but there are some other interesting places in Indonesia too. The islands of Komodo and Sulawesi are great places for seeing exotic wildlife, while less known Sumba has white sand beaches and natural rock arches.

Java, the most populated island, has some incredible volcanic landscapes and ancient Hindu temples like Prambanan and Borobudur.


The climate of Indonesia is tropical, so the weather is hot and humid year round. The rainy season runs from November to April, and the sunny/dry season runs from April to November. It’s still possible to visit Indonesia in the rainy season, but give yourself some extra days as a buffer in case of bad weather.


Indonesia is a relatively safe place to travel, with a very low UN violent crime rate of 0.5 per 100k inhabitants (92% lower than the global average). I’ve traveled in many parts of Indonesia and haven’t really witnessed any crime. Although Indonesia is a Muslim country, terrorism is generally not an issue here and attitudes toward foreigners seem welcoming. The biggest safety risks are motorbike accidents and natural threats, like dengue fever or malaria. Be sure to wear mosquito spray in rural areas, especially in the rainy season.


Indonesia is a very budget friendly travel destination, with hostels available from $5 and private hotels from $10. Meals are also cheap, costing about $1 to $5 depending on location. Transportation in Indonesia is generally by motorbike or car, and these can be rented, but hiring a driver is cheap and often preferable. I’d recommend downloading the transportation apps Grab and Go-Jek; these are great for getting around.

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