Jaran Hill – Sunset Cliff In Uluwatu, South Bali

by David & Intan

Batu Jaran Hill is a huge cliff near the famous Uluwatu Temple in south Bali, but with no crowds or safety fences to block your view of the waves crashing on the rocks below.

You can see the Uluwatu pagoda in the distance, and we even spotted a few sea turtles swimming in the ocean. It’s an incredibly photogenic sunset spot that most tourists in Bali don’t seem to know about yet.

We just discovered this viewpoint recently, but it’s one of my new favorite places to go in Uluwatu!

Batu Jaran Hill Bali

Batu Jaran Hill – What To Expect

This is a great place to have a picnic, play your guitar, and see off the sun. There’s even a lighthouse you can climb for a better view.

Batu Jaran Hill has two different amazing cliff viewpoints that can be reached in less than 5 minutes walking. My wife informs me that the name means ‘Horse Rock Hill’ in Bahasa, maybe because the white cliff looks a bit like a horse’s head.

None of the cliffs have any safety fence, and the rock is eroding, so be very careful near the edge. It’s a 75 meter (250 foot) drop to the bottom.

We spent a couple hours here, and only saw two fishermen and a few monkeys. This place is still very much a hidden gem, even though in my opinion it has some of the best views in south Bali.

Please keep the place clean, because there’s no trash disposal!

Entrance Fee

FREE as of 2024. There’s no entrance fee.

This may change over time as the place gets more popular.

Uluwatu Bali Batu Jaran Hill       Uluwatu Bali Batu Jaran Hill

How To Get There

Batu Jaran Hill is located on the far southwest corner of Bali island.

It’s a 1 hour drive from Kuta, Canggu, and other popular tourist areas in south Bali, although it can take longer if there’s heavy traffic (especially after sunset when everyone is leaving).

The best way to get there is to rent a scooter or hire a private car and driver (both of these can be booked online).

Only scooters can go all the way to the viewpoint. If you’re coming in a car, you’ll have to stop near the entrance and walk about 5 minutes to reach the cliff.

Batu Jaran Hill Bali

More Things To Do In Uluwatu

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed this travel guide for Batu Jaran Hill in Bali.

There are lots of other great things to do near Uluwatu. This area is known for its blue waves, white sand beaches, impressive sea cliffs, good surfing, and fancy beach clubs.

Don’t forget to check out my complete list of what to do in Uluwatu Bali!

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