20 Brunei Pictures That Will Make You Want To Travel

Brunei is a tiny, oil rich Muslim country on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, and its capital city (Bandar Seri Begawan) only has a population of about 100,000 people.

According to the UNODC stats, it ranks as one of the safest countries in the world. Brunei is mostly overlooked by tourists, but there are dozens of big, fancy mosques here that are worth checking out.

Even if you’re not a big architecture buff, it’s easy to admire the intricate showy designs, especially when you throw in some palm trees and blue skies in the background (this is Southeast Asia, after all).

Hopefully these pictures of Brunei inspire you to visit!

This airport mosque is the first thing that greets you as you come into the country of Brunei.


Hungry? The Dairy Queen in Brunei sells blizzards made out of the notoriously weird smelling Durian fruit.


Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien mosque is the most famous monument in Brunei.


Another iconic monument in Brunei is the Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque.


The Bolkiah mosque can be seen on the $10 Brunei Dollar note.


The big dome on this mosque is supposedly made of pure gold.


The Ali Saifuddien mosque is lit up at night and looks extra impressive.


The Bolkiah mosque has 29 golden domes and four 200 foot tall minarets.


You can see these intricate walkways at the Ali Saifuddien mosque.


The chandeliers in the entryway are super fancy.


This mosque shows up on all the fridge magnets and other souvenirs in Brunei.


The courtyard area at Bolkiah mosque has all kinds of fancy decorations like this fountain.


This decorated wall looks like something you might see in Qatar or Abu Dhabi.


See the windy staircase? The Hassanil Bolkiah mosque looks incredible from a distance.


The Ali Saifuddien mosque was built in 1958 and cost $7 to $10 Million USD (yikes!)


The lagoon by the mosque is a great place to catch the sunset.


Tropical scenery + Islamic type architecture. This is what mosques look like in SE Asia.


You can walk out on this ceremonial barge near the Ali Saifuddien mosque.


Doesn’t this view look like something straight out of a Disney movie?


The same mosque at night is even more incredible. It looks like a floating palace!
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