Is Jordan Safe? Is It Safe To Travel To Petra? (Yes!)

by David & Intan

Jordan is emerging as one of the most popular countries to visit in the Middle East, with good food, a healthy dose of culture shock, amazing desert canyons, and ancient archaeological sites like Petra that belong on any traveler’s bucket list.

“But is Jordan safe? Is it safe to travel to Jordan and Petra?”

Those are the first questions I heard when I showed friends the pictures from my solo trip to Petra, Jordan in the last part of 2018. And they’re fair questions, because the Middle East is not the safest part of the world.

However, Jordan is easily one of the safest countries to visit in the Mideast, with a low crime rate and a stable government that actively watches out for us tourists. If you’re still not feeling reassured, read on for some Jordan safety tips!

My Experience In Jordan

First of all, I should share my background. I solo traveled all over Jordan (and other countries in the Middle East), exploring places in Amman, Petra, Wadi Musa, and Wadi Rum.

I got a pretty good feel for how safe Jordan is, and what it’s like to travel in the country, especially in the ‘touristic’ areas that most visitors are likely to want to go.

I had a wonderful time in Jordan. It was the trip of a lifetime.



Is Jordan Safe? Is It Safe To Travel To Jordan & Petra?

Yes, Jordan is definitely a safe country to visit in my opinion.

Nowhere in the world is completely safe of course, but Jordan is a stable country that gets millions of visitors per year, and Petra has become a famous tourist attraction.

What’s The Crime Rate?

The UN reports a homicide rate of only 1.6 per 100k inhabitants in Jordan, which is 75% lower than the global average. That’s a very low figure.

The Jordanian government also takes special steps to protect tourists, and attitudes toward us are generally welcoming.

What About Terrorism?

Terrorist attacks are possible, and have happened occasionally throughout the years, but that’s true anywhere. They don’t seem to be any more common in Jordan.

In the age of terrorism I would try to avoid hanging out in big crowds while traveling here, but again, that’s a basic safety tip that goes for just about anywhere nowadays.

Personally, I would rate Jordan much safer than Egypt.

What About Scams?

Like every country in the world, Jordan has some scams to watch out for.

These are pretty minor things like taxi drivers trying to overcharge you, or fake tour guides offering a ‘free’ horse ride and then demanding a big tip afterwards.

When you barter or haggle for something, always make the terms plain before you agree to anything. Keep your guard up, and these scams will be easier to avoid.


Top Safety Tips For Jordan

Here are a few recommended safety tips for your trip to Jordan.

To be honest, these are all rules I’ve broken from time to time, but it’s good to try to practice them sometimes at least:

  • Don’t wander around after dark if you can help it. Petty crime happens in the day time, but most violent crime happens at night.
  • Travel with a companion if you can. There’s some safety in numbers.
  • Be careful about big crowds. This is where terrorism and pickpocketing come into play. By hanging out in a crowd, you’re more likely to be a target of either.
  • Stay away from the Syria & Iraq borders. These are not safe countries right now. Thankfully, none of the popular tourist attractions in Jordan are near these borders.
  • Book drivers & tour guides through reputable companies or hotels. Again, just a suggestion. Don’t hop in a random taxi if you have better options.
  • Wear your seatbelt on the highway. Statistically, you’re more likely to die in a car accident than a stabbing, shooting, or other violent crime. And that probably goes for most places on Earth.
  • Dress modestly in public, especially if you’re a woman. You’re not likely to have any major issues here, but Jordanian culture is conservative and you don’t want to offend people.


So Is Jordan Safe?

In conclusion, yes, I think Jordan is quite safe to travel! I hope you’ve been helped by some of these thoughts and tips about safety in Jordan.

Take reasonable precautions, but please don’t be put off too much by fear and what-ifs. Jordan is a beautiful country and I’d encourage you to visit.

Don’t forget to check out my complete travel guides for Petra and Wadi Rum before you go!


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