Kapas Biru Waterfall In East Java, Indonesia

Kapas Biru is one of a trio of awesome waterfalls that can be visited on a day trip from Malang, East Java.

The name means ‘blue cotton waterfall’ and probably comes from the hazy blue color of the falls in the evening.

This is a huge waterfall set against an orange rock wall, surrounded by prehistoric looking jungles and giant bamboo trees.

Kapas Biru Waterfall Hike

The hike to Kapas Biru is pretty straightforward and only takes about 30 minutes one way. The way back is very uphill though, so you may want to bring some water.

There’s one slightly sketchy section where you climb down a ladder, but it’s not too bad and only takes a minute to be done with. When you reach a clearing with some rice paddies, you’ll know you’re almost to the waterfall!

There are some great photo spots near the waterfall, including a group of huge bamboo trunks you can peek through for a creative shot. It’s a photographer’s paradise, but keep in mind there’s a lot of tree cover here so the lighting gets pretty dim later in the afternoon.

I managed to do some drone filming too before packing up. You can see some of these shots in my latest drone video of Indonesia on YouTube.

EXTRA: Coban Sriti Waterfall

If you continue hiking past the first waterfall, there’s a second one called Coban Sriti. Unfortunately, we got a late start and ran out of time before we could visit this one.

From Kapas Biru, it takes another 20-30 minutes of hiking, and multiple river crossings, to reach Coban Sriti.

Entrance Fees

FREE as of 2019.

The whole trail is unstaffed and there’s no entry fee.

How To Get To Kapas Biru Waterfall

Kapas Biru waterfall is located in Lumajang, East Java.

The nearest airport is Abdul Rachman Saleh (MLG) in Malang, which has direct flights from Bali (DPS). You can also reach Malang easily by train from Yogyakarta, which is what we did.

The best way to visit the waterfalls is with a driver on a day trip from the city of Malang, and this gives you time to visit 3 amazing waterfalls in one day — Tumpak Sewu, Kabut Pelangi, and Kapas Biru. More driver details below.

Our East Java Driver

We based ourselves in Malang and booked a car + driver through Zaini Transport for visiting the waterfalls and then later a 3D2N trip to Mount Bromo and Ijen.

Their daily price was 400k IDR + petrol, which worked out to be 620k IDR ($44 USD) for a full day visiting 3 waterfalls in Lumajang, then driving back to comfy Malang where they have better food and hotels.

Our driver Dayat was punctual and very familiar with the area, so we had no trouble finding the waterfalls!

Where We Stayed

The best place to base yourself for these waterfalls is Malang. There are lots of good restaurants and hotels to choose from, and the city is easily accessible from Bali or Yogyakarta.

We stayed at the OYO 353 hotel in Malang and it was only 210k IDR ($15 USD) for a clean double room with cold A/C, hot shower, and 30 Mbps WiFi.

The value was insane! We will definitely come back.

We stayed here at the OYO 353 hotel and it was only $15 USD for a clean double room with cold A/C, hot shower, and 30 Mbps WiFi. Incredible value! (image courtesy of Booking.com)
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