Pura Kehen Temple In Bali: Hindu Fire Temple In Bangli

by David & Intan

The Pura Kehen Temple is an ancient Hindu monument in the Bangli area of Bali, Indonesia.

This temple is outside of the usual tourist path, but it has some of the most intricate stone carvings and architecture you’ll see at any temple in Bali, with a giant banyan tree to boot.

It’s a neat spot to stop and explore in Bangli, especially if you happen to be in transit to Kintamani, Sidemen, or Amed.

This travel guide will explain how to get there, and everything you need to know before you go!

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Facts & History

Pura Kehen Temple is mentioned in Balinese inscriptions dating back to the 9th century AD.

It was the main temple of the former Bangli kingdom, which ruled the area now known as the Bangli province in north/east Bali.

The name ‘Kehen’ comes from a Balinese word meaning fire, because the temple was originally dedicated to the Hindu god of fire Agni.

Today, Pura Kehen is still mostly unknown to travelers since it’s away from the touristy areas of Bali.

Pura Kehen Temple in Bangli Bali

Balinese stone gate       Balinese split gate

Pura Kehen Temple – What To Expect

Pura Kehen is a hilltop temple accessed through a flight of stairs by the road. You may get pestered by some touts or sarong sellers at the entrance.

In my case, there was a temple caretaker (old guy with good English) that followed me around and explained all of the temple details and history, and then asked me to give a donation on top of the entrance fee.

I didn’t mind giving it to him as a tip since he was helpful and explained some neat features to me. But it’s not mandatory. You could just donate something small if you want.

Gold door with Hindu Balinese carvings

Detailed figures on the main gate

Like other temples in Bali, the Pura Kehen is divided into 3 sanctums (outer, middle, and inner), each with different degrees of holiness according to Hindu beliefs.

The outer sanctum of Pura Kehen has a banyan tree that’s known to be at least 400 years old, and it even has a little tree house pagoda at the top where priests can go to pray.

It’s one of the biggest banyan trees I’ve seen in Bali, with thousands of branches.

Pura Kehen banyan tree house

Mini temple in the Banyan tree. How do they get up there?

You’ll notice some unusual porcelain plates embedded in a few of the temple walls. I don’t know of any other temple in Bali that has plates used for decoration like this. They may be leftovers from the Dutch colonial period.

In my opinion, the best thing about Pura Kehen would have to be the impressive carvings on the main gate, and the 11-tiered black and gold pagoda in the inner sanctum.

This is Balinese architecture at its best!

Balinese meru temple pagoda at Pura Kehen Temple in Bangli Bali       Balinese stone gate at Pura Kehen Temple in Bali

Pura Kehen Temple in Bangli Bali

Hours & Entrance Fee

  • Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Entrance Fee:* 30k IDR ($2)

*Free sarong is included in the ticket price

How To Get There

Pura Kehen Temple is located in the Bangli area of Bali island.

It’s a 30 minute drive from Kintamani, or 1 hour from Ubud, Sidemen, or Sanur.

The best way to get there is to rent a scooter or hire a private car and driver (both of these can be booked online).

Balinese split gate       Gold door Hindu Balinese carvings

Pura Kehen temple pagoda meru in Bali

Balinese stone gate and stairway at Pura Kehen Temple in Bangli Bali

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