Saraswati Temple: Water Temple In Ubud, Bali

Pura Taman Saraswati temple (also known as the Ubud water palace) is an old Hindu temple in central Bali that was built by one of the Ubud princes.

It may not be built on a lake like Danau Bratan temple, but there’s a nice lotus pond instead, and it also has some of the best stone carvings in Bali.

This temple is super easy to visit, and you can combine it with other nearby sights like the Ubud Royal Palace.

This guide will explain how you can get there, and everything you need to know before you go!

Where To Stay
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Saraswati Water Temple

Saraswati Temple was built in the 1950s and it’s dedicated to the Hindu goddess Saraswati (the goddess of learning, literature, and art).

My favorite part about this place would have to be the big ornate doorways with old traditional Balinese architecture and artistic wall patterns.

The designs on the doors are incredibly detailed when you get close to them. Tourists aren’t allowed to go through these doors to the main temple, but it still makes a great Insta photo spot!

My favorite is the west door (pictured below).

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You can walk through the whole place in about 15 minutes, but it’s all free. Morning is the best time to come here, because it gets pretty crowded with tourists by noon.
If you want to continue the cultural experience, there’s also a traditional Balinese dance performance held here at 7:30 PM every night, which costs 80k IDR (~$5).
There’s also a restaurant here called Lotus Cafe that looks over the pond, but the prices are a bit on the high side for Bali.
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Hours & Fees
  • Hours: 7 AM – 5 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free
How To Get There

The temple is located in Ubud, just a short walk from the market and town center, and right on top of a Starbucks cafe.

The best way to get there is to rent a scooter or hire a private car and driver (both of these can be booked online).

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