Sipiso Piso Waterfall Hike In Sumatra Indonesia

by David & Intan

The Sipiso Piso Waterfall is one of the nicest falls in Sumatra, and also one of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia.

It’s a 120 meter (400 foot) giant that flows into the famous Lake Toba in North Sumatra, surrounded by farms and highland scenery. It definitely belongs on any road trip itinerary for Lake Toba or Sumatra, or you can even visit it on a day trip from Medan.

This travel guide will explain how to get to Sipiso Piso Waterfall, and everything else you need to know before you go!

Sipiso Piso Waterfall Drone Picture In Berastagi Sumatra Indonesia

Drone pic of Sipiso Piso Waterfall from above


Sipiso Piso Waterfall – What To Expect

The entrance and parking area for the waterfall sits on a big hill above it, so as soon as you arrive you’re treated to a panoramic view of both the waterfall and Lake Toba in the distance — no hiking needed!

The hike down to the bottom of the falls is also worthwhile if you have time. It takes about 30-40 minutes each way, and you can get some better pictures at the bottom. The path is pretty worn, but still mostly paved.

There are a bunch of scenic viewpoints along the way, but the most amazing thing is to see the waterfall up close. You can walk directly to the edge of the falls, where there’s a huge amount of wind and spray!

Sipiso Piso Waterfall In Berastagi Sumatra Indonesia       Drone falls pic

Sipiso Piso Waterfall In Berastagi Sumatra Indonesia

Feeling tiny

The Sipiso Piso Waterfall (also known by its Indonesian name Air Terjun Sipiso Piso) is an interesting one because it actually flows from an underground river and then comes out of a cave in the side of the rock.

This is commonly called the tallest waterfall in Indonesia, but that’s actually not correct. There are other waterfalls in Sumatra that are much taller, such as the Ponot Waterfall (aka Sigura Gura), which is over 250 meters tall.

In any case, Sipiso Piso Waterfall is 120 meters (400 feet) tall, so it’s one of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia. And it’s one of the most scenic and impressive, to boot.

The only downside of our visit here was the plastic trash thrown everywhere by the locals. Sadly there was so much rubbish along the trail and all the way to the waterfall itself.

Please don’t litter here. Tolong jangan buang sampah di sini. This is one of Indonesia’s nicest and most iconic waterfalls, so hopefully everyone will do more to clean and protect it.

Entrance Fee

  • Entry: 5k IDR / person ($0.40 USD)
  • Parking: 5k IDR / car

Sipiso Piso Waterfall Drone Picture In Berastagi Sumatra Indonesia
Sipiso Piso Waterfall In Berastagi Sumatra Indonesia

How To Get To Sipiso Piso Waterfall

This waterfall is located in North Sumatra, about 1.5 hours south of Berastagi or 3.5 hours south of Medan city.

The best way to get to Sipiso Piso Waterfall is to hire a private car and driver. It’s possible to visit the waterfall on a very long day trip from Medan and return the same day, but what most people do is a 3 day (or longer) road trip around Lake Toba that also includes a stop here.

Lake Toba is amazing in its own right, and there are lots of waterfalls and other things to see in the area. It’s also a huge lake with a lot of driving distance, so the only way to really do it justice is an extended road trip!

Sipiso Piso Waterfall Drone Picture In Berastagi Sumatra Indonesia

Lake Toba green hills drone picture

The green hills of nearby Lake Toba


Best Tours Of Sipiso Piso Waterfall & Lake Toba

If you want to visit this waterfall in the comfort and safety of a private car with a driver, my top recommendation would be Klook.

They have a private day tour from Medan that includes Sipiso Piso Waterfall, Berastagi, and other sights at Lake Toba, or you can book a private custom tour that spends up to 5 days exploring these and other top sights around Lake Toba. Their reviews for this tour are positive and the prices are pretty similar to what we paid for our own road trip.

We’ve used Klook for lots of tours and activities around the world, and they’re great! Highly recommended.

Book Now: Sipiso Piso Waterfall & Lake Toba Tour

Sipiso Piso Waterfall In Berastagi Sumatra Indonesia       Sipiso Piso Waterfall In Berastagi Sumatra Indonesia

Lake Toba flower in Indonesia

When To Visit

The Sipiso waterfall is popular with tourists from Sumatra and Southeast Asia, but it’s never very crowded since most people only look at it from the top viewpoint and then leave.

The waterfall is open and flowing all year, although the flow is a bit smaller in the dry season (summer) months. If you manage to come on a sunny day, you can see a nice rainbow at the waterfall.

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