15 Best Smoothie Bowls In Bali: Canggu, Ubud, & Sanur

In Bali, food is art, and this is especially true with the fresh fruit Bali smoothie bowls.

You can find them all over the place on the south panhandle of the island (especially in the Canggu/Seminyak area), and the prices can be very reasonable compared to acai bowls in western countries.

Here are 15 of our top Bali smoothie bowl recommendations, grouped by location. Let us know if we missed any top ones!

Canggu Smoothie Bowls (+Seminyak)
• Nalu Bowls

Nalu has 4 locations in Bali. We’ve only tried the one in Uluwatu, but it was fantastic and I’m sure the others are as well. You can add extra toppings like blueberries, raspberries, and more.

  • Locations: Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Uluwatu
  • Price: 60-85k IDR ($5 USD) + 15% tax
  • Website: www.nalubowls.com

Best Smoothie Bowls In Bali
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Best Smoothie Bowls In Bali
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• Kynd Community

Kynd is well known for being able to use mango letters to write whatever you want on your fruit smoothie bowl. Marketing genius! There’s no extra charge for doing this, either.

Kynd Community Bali Smoothie Bowl
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• Cafe Organic

These are hands down the best fruit smoothie bowls we’ve ever had, anywhere. They’re also insanely artistic. The only place we’ve been that can even come close is Shaka Siargao, in the Philippines.

  • Locations: Seminyak, Canggu, Umalas
  • Price: 65-75k IDR ($5 USD) + 15% tax
  • Website: cafeorganic.co

Cafe Organic Fresh Fruit Acai
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• Nook

Nook is another option in the Kerobokan area, overlooking some rice fields. They have 5 different fruit bowls on the menu.

Nook Bali Smoothie Bowl
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This is a “fitness food” cafe in Canggu. The prices seem a little high at first, but tax and service charges are included. Good place to find some of the best Canggu smoothie bowls!

Motion Cafe Bali Smoothie Bowl
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• The Common Cafe

This cafe is kind of overpriced, but if you can get past that the food is pretty good.

The Common Cafe Bali Smoothie Bowl
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Ubud Smoothie Bowls
• Pundi-Pundi

Just before you turn onto Monkey Forest Road is this awesome Asian grill place, with 5 different types of fruit smoothie bowl. The grill smells amazing, and the fruit bowls are great too.

Pundi Pundi Bali Smoothie Bowl
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• Icip-Icip

This is another good option on Monkey Forest Road. Their customer service is on the slow side and needs some work, but the smoothie bowls are on point. They have 5 smoothie bowls.

Icip Icip Bali Smoothie Bowl
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Uluwatu Smoothie Bowls
• The Loft

The Loft has two locations, but the one in south Bali (Uluwatu area) seems the most popular. They have 4 Bali smoothie bowls, and you can add extra toppings.

The Loft Bali Smoothie Bowl
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• The Cashew Tree

This is another good one in south Bali, just a 5-10 minute walk from the entrance to Bingin Beach. Super fresh ingredients.

The Cashew Tree Bali Smoothie Bowl
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Sanur Smoothie Bowls
• The Owl

If you ever stay in north Sanur, you have to pay a visit to The Owl. The food is great, and the prices are just amazing. Their fruit smoothie bowls are dirt cheap! Our favorite is the strawberry banana bowl (below left).

  • Location: Sanur
  • Price: 37k IDR ($2.50 USD)
  • Website: N/A

The Owl Bali Smoothie Bowl
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• Soul In A Bowl

This is an option in south Sanur. They also have a branch in north Sanur called Soul On The Beach. They normally don’t offer their smoothie bowls after breakfast (12 PM), but if you ask they may be able to break this rule like they did for us.

  • Location: Sanur
  • Price: 65-75k IDR ($5 USD) + 16.6% tax
  • Website: soulcafes.com

Soul In A Bowl Bali Smoothies
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• Lilla Pantai

This is one of our new favorites in the south Sanur area. Their prices are good, and so are their bowls! Hopefully they open more branches. They have 4 types of smoothie bowls.

  • Location: Sanur
  • Price: 45k IDR ($3 USD) + 15% tax
  • Website: N/A

Lilla Pantai Bali Smoothie Bowl
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• Genius Cafe

They have two locations, one in Sanur and one in far-flung Gianyar. It’s not the cheapest place, but their food is great and the venue is nice. We stopped in at their Gianyar cafe on the way back from a trip to Kintamani, and everything was top notch!

Genius Cafe fresh fruit
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Nusa Penida Smoothie Bowls
• Penida Colada

Finally, Nusa Penida has fruit smoothie bowls! Penida Colada is a restaurant on the north shore of the island, with epic views of Mount Agung from across the sea.

Penida Colada fresh fruit
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Penida Colada fresh fruit
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I hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite Bali smoothie bowls.

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