45 El Nido Palawan Pictures From The Beautiful Philippines

by David & Intan

Palawan has been named the most beautiful island in the world more than once, and these El Nido Palawan pictures will show you why!

This group of islands in the Philippines has great beaches, exotic lagoons and limestone cliffs, and boat tours that will keep you entertained from sun up to sun down.

We’ve visited Palawan a few times now over the years, exploring the many sights around El Nido and Coron, and we’re always completely blown away by the incredible scenery and islands. If you bring a drone here, you’ll be in heaven.

Hopefully these El Nido Palawan pictures convince you to hop on a plane and visit the Philippines!

En route to our first islands! The best way to explore El Nido Palawan is on one of the many island hopping boat tours.


A drone shot of the huge cliffs at Miniloc island.


Miniloc Island has a secret lagoon you can discover by walking through an opening in the rocks.


Miniloc Island from way up in the sky. Drones are great for taking El Nido Palawan pictures!


Even the boat journeys between islands are loaded with interesting sights.


Buko juice! Fresh coconuts are sold all over the islands for about 50 pesos.

El Nido Tour A drone picture in Palawan Philippines

The twin lagoons in Tours A and D are El Nido’s most famous sites.


A couple of tiny islands near Miniloc.


Lunch’s served. All of the boat tours in El Nido include free buffet lunch on the boat.


Tropical buffet! This is what the El Nido tour meals look like. It’s a feast. Loads of chicken, veggies, fish, shrimp and fruit.


Pineapple, bananas, & watermelon.


Shrimp plate!


A Filipino bangka boat from above. These are the most popular boats for island hopping in El Nido.


Pinagbuyutan island in Tour B is one of my favorites in Palawan. See the tiny boats?


Looking down at Pinagbuyutan Island.


Snake Island is named for the long sand bar connecting it with mainland Palawan. When the tide is low, you can walk across!


Looking up at the steep cliffs of Pinagbuyutan Island.


The incredibly clear water at Vigan Island.


Entalula Beach is one of the nicest hidden beaches in El Nido.


Bangka boats pulling up to shore. No color enhancement!


Rowboat in the sunset.


Palm trees in the wind.


The north end of Matinloc Island. Such a weirdly shaped island. Looks like an elephant trunk or something.


The unique shape earned this one the name Helicopter Island.


One of my favorite views of Matinloc Island. Looks like the shape of some giant dinosaur or whale rising out of the ocean.


Closeup aerial shot of the white sand beach at Helicopter Island.


Another view of Matinloc Island stretching out into the distance, with lots of tiny beaches along the way.


Bangka boats lined up at Helicopter Island.


The quintessential view of Entalula Beach. It’s one of my favorite spots, and you see it shown in many El Nido pictures.


Cadlao Island is one of the biggest (and tallest) islands in Bacuit Bay.


Cadlao Lagoon in Tour D is one of the most underrated places in El Nido. The color of the water in this lagoon is amazing.


Tiny boats speeding past Cadlao island. Another great place for taking Palawan pictures.


The small lagoon in Tour D is one of El Nido’s must see locations.


Soaking up rays at Cadlao island, with its massive mountains in the background.


One of our favorite Palawan pics. It’s hard to show the scale of these cliffs. The boats look like ants!


A nameless hidden beach on Cadlao island. This is another spot in the very underrated Tour D.


El Nido’s lagoons are great for kayaking. This one is the small lagoon in Tour D.


Incredible turquoise water. Doesn’t it look like Listerine or something?


Another view of Cadlao Island, showing one of its white sand beaches.


A boat and snorkeler floating on the perfectly clear water.


Approaching Cathedral Island.


Bangka boat in the sunset.


Entalula Island from a distance.


Walking through a sea of palms on Pinagbuyutan Island.


The greenish turquoise water of Miniloc Island‘s big lagoons.


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Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed these El Nido Palawan pictures from our many visits to the Philippines.

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