Munduk Bali: Hotels, Hiking, Waterfalls & Things To Do In Munduk

Munduk, Bali is a misty mountain village in the north part of the island that’s surrounded by jungles and waterfalls.

There are a lot of great things to do in Munduk, from rice terrace walks and waterfall hikes, to ancient temples, jungles with giant banyan trees, and the twin lakes of Tamblingan and Buyan.

Some people visit Munduk on a day trip from other areas of Bali, Indonesia, but it’s even better if you stay a couple nights in one of the beautiful accommodations like Munduk Moding Plantation or Atres Sari Resort.

This page will explain how to get to Munduk, where to stay, and what are some of the best things you can see and do in the area!

Where To Stay In Munduk
How To Get There

Munduk is located in north Bali, 1.5 to 2 hours from touristy places in south Bali like Ubud, Sanur, Canggu and Kuta.

The best way to get there is with a private driver or by scooter.

How To Get Around

The Munduk sights are a bit spread out over the area, so you’ll need transport if you plan to go exploring.

The most popular way to get around short distances in Bali is by scooter, and you can book these online or rent from a hotel or street shop for about 80k IDR (~$5) per day.

Most hotels will also be happy to provide a day driver + car if you need one, and tour companies typically include transport in their packages.

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Best Things To Do In Munduk
• Munduk Waterfall Hike

The most popular thing to do in Munduk is the classic waterfall trek that takes you to 4 falls, including the Golden Valley Waterfall. This is a great trail, but be prepared to spend a few hours hiking!

More info: Munduk Waterfall Hike


• Ulun Danu Tamblingan Lake Temple

This is an epic temple at Lake Tamblingan in Munduk. One of the last remnants of the 10th century Tamblingan civilization, this temple sits inside of an ancient caldera surrounded by rainforests.

More info: Tamblingan Lake Temple


• Munduk Twin Lakes Viewpoint

This is a nice roadside viewpoint in Munduk where you can see the twin lakes of Danau Tamblingan and Danau Buyan, along with some cheeky monkeys.

Drone view of Munduk twin lakes viewpoint in Bali
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Munduk twin lakes viewpoint in Bali
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Monkeys in Munduk Bali
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• Banyumala Waterfall

Banyumala is another nice waterfall in Wanagiri, just 15 minutes from Munduk! This is a quiet cascade waterfall with no crowds.

More info: Banyumala Waterfall


• Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall

This spot has no less than 4 fantastic falls just a short distance apart, and the main one is one of the biggest and best waterfalls in Bali!

It’s a huge cascade with a leafy background and a wide, shallow pool at the bottom for swimming. It’s only 15 minutes from Munduk.

More info: Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall


• Bhuana Sari Waterfall

This is another popular waterfall at the Banyu Wana Amertha trail, just a few minutes’ walk apart.

It has dozens of tiny waterfalls cascading down the rocks in a way that almost looks artificial!

More info: Bhuana Sari Waterfall


Other Things To Do Near Munduk
• Ulun Danu Bratan Lake Temple

This is an old temple on a crater lake, and it’s arguably one of the most famous and iconic places in Bali. The 12-story pagoda just screams ‘Asia’, and the mountains in the background aren’t too shabby either.

This one is only 20 minutes from Munduk.

More info: Beratan Lake Temple


• Bali Botanical Garden

You might not see this place on many Bali itineraries, but we loved it and it’s centrally located in Bedugul. Some of the trees and plants here look like they’re straight out of Jurassic Park. The highlight is a huge Banyan tree that may be hundreds of years old.

This one is only 25 minutes from Munduk.

More info: Bali Botanical Garden


• GitGit Waterfall

Gitgit is easily one of the best waterfalls in Bali. It’s a new favorite in north Bali. The hike is easy and it takes you to a really big twin waterfall!

This one is 35 minutes from Munduk.

More info: GitGit Waterfall


• Colek Pamor Waterfall

This is a nice 50-foot waterfall that comes from the same stream as GitGit, but it’s more secret.

Some Bali canyoning tours include this waterfall, but aside from that, it’s still mostly unknown to tourists — even though it’s only a few minutes from GitGit!

More info: Colek Pamor Waterfall


• Aling Aling Waterfall

There’s a total of 4 waterfalls at Aling Aling. The main one is a giant with a height of about 35 meters (115 feet).

The pictures don’t do it justice. This is a big, tall waterfall and it puts out a ton of mist!

This one is 40 minutes from Munduk.

More info: Aling Aling Waterfall


• Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul is the biggest waterfall in Bali (at 260 feet), and it’s also one of our favorites. This is a big twin waterfall located in a jungle ravine in north Bali, near Singaraja. You have to see this one!

This one is 1 hour from Munduk.

More info: Sekumpul Waterfall


Best Time To Visit

The weather in Munduk is generally nice any time of year.

It sits in the mountains at a higher elevation than the rest of Bali, so the temps are pretty cool (about 10-15 F lower than at sea level).

How Long To Stay

You can see the best sights of Munduk in a couple days, or you could even visit on a day trip from other parts of Bali.

With that said, you’ll probably want to stay longer because of the fresh mountain air and jungle scenery. If so, there’s plenty of things in the area to keep you busy.

Happy travels!

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