20 Sulawesi Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Indonesia

Last August I got the chance to spend a week exploring Sulawesi, one of the largest and most underrated islands in Indonesia, with a few days near Makassar in the south and then Manado in the north. These Sulawesi pictures are the result.

This huge tropical island one of the most amazing places I’ve been in my travels. The karst mountains, exotic wildlife, active volcanoes, and ancient artifacts were out of this world. It was one of the highlights of my year, even though I barely scratched the surface of what this island has to offer.

Hopefully these Sulawesi pictures inspire your travels too!

Karst mountains at Leang Leang in south Sulawesi
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Karst mountains in Leang-Leang, south Sulawesi.


In rural Sulawesi, the hills have eyes!


Colorful bananas for sale at the Tomohon market in Sulawesi, Indonesia
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Don’t these bananas look appetizing?


Kali twin waterfall can be reached with a short drive from Manado.


Moonrise in south Sulawesi.


Giant jackfruit at the Tomohon market in Sulawesi, Indonesia
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Oversized jackfruits for sale in the Tomohon market.


One of the farm houses in Rammang Rammang. Imagine living here!


Huge limestone mountains in Rammang Rammang.


Reflections in the pond.


The best time to see reflections like this in Rammang Rammang is early in the morning, before the breeze starts.


The classic view of Rammang Rammang. Looks like Jurassic Park, doesn’t it?


Those backyard views! Rammang is a great place to take Sulawesi pictures.


A volcano in the clouds. North Sulawesi.


Water flowing down the rocks at Tunan Waterfall.


Tunan Waterfall in north Sulawesi.


Lizard camo in Tangkoko Nature Reserve.


Tangkoko black sand beach.


Black sand from the nearby volcanoes.


Tarsier sighting! Tangkoko Nature Reserve is one of the best places in the world to see endangered Tarsiers.


You’ll need a zoom lens to get tarsier pictures like this, because they’re pretty elusive.


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Thanks for looking! Hopefully you enjoyed these Sulawesi pictures.

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