Bali Marigold Fields – Info, Location, & Season

The Bali marigold fields in Temukus village might just be one of the most unique and unexpected landscapes on the island.

You won’t see any of the usual palm trees and green rice paddies here, but instead you’re surrounded by foggy mountains, Instagrammable orange marigold flowers, and even some rows of white edelweiss flowers.

After seeing pictures of these floating around the internet for months, wifey and I decided to go on a road trip and look for them!

Best Time To Visit

The marigolds are used in Balinese religious ceremonies, so the best time to visit is right before the harvest season, which lines up with the ceremonies.

We went in late July, which was right before the big Kuningan ceremony of 2019, but the dates for these ceremonies change every year.

With that said, Bali has so many Hindu ceremonies every year, you have a good chance of seeing marigolds here at any time of the year.

Your best bet is to make a sightseeing trip to Besakih Temple or somewhere else in east Bali, and stop at the marigolds on your way.


Entrance Fees

The locals will ask for a 30k IDR (~$2) donation if you go into the fields to take pictures.

This is private property, after all.

How To Get There

The marigold fields are located in northeast Bali.

It’s a 1.5 to 2 hour drive from Ubud, Canggu, or Sanur, or a 5 minute drive from the famous Besakih Temple.

The best way to get there is by scooter or in a car with a private driver.

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