Bukit Teletubbies Hill In Nusa Penida, Bali

The Teletubbies Hill (also known as Bukit Teletubbies) is a bit different from anything else Nusa Penida has to offer, even though it’s an island full of bizarre and unique sights!

This is a group of big round hills in the center of the island that are named after their resemblance to the background scenery from the Teletubbies kids show.

After skipping this place for several years now, we finally decided to stop by recently and check it out during our latest Bali tour.

This travel guide will explain how to get there, and everything you need to know before you go!
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Teletubbies Hill

The official name of the viewpoint is Teletubbies Hill, but sometimes it’s called by its Indonesian name, Bukit Teletubbies, which has the same meaning.

I honestly wasn’t expecting too much from this place based on the reviews I had seen online, but since I went during the rainy season (January) the hills were bright green and looked awesome.

They look kind of like the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines, and using a drone here gives you some unique perspectives.

Drone view of Bukit Teletubbies Hill in Nusa Penida Bali
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The hills were nice and green in January.
Best Time To Visit

The key to enjoying this viewpoint is to come here during or just after the rainy season, when the hills will be a perfect green color.

That would be between the months of December and April (roughly). Between April and May, the hills are a more yellow color.

During the summer, the hills will be dry and brown, so they won’t look as nice.

In any case, there was a good breeze at the top of the hills and it’s a nice quiet place to hang out for a minute!

Drone view of Bukit Teletubbies Hill in Nusa Penida Bali
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Colorful flowers at Bukit Teletubbies Hill in Nusa Penida Bali
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Entrance Fees

FREE as of 2021.

There’s no parking fee or entry fee for visiting Teletubbies Hill.

How To Get There

The hills are located on the southeast side of Nusa Penida island.

There’s a small pull off by the hills that is accessible by car or scooter, about 1 hour drive from the main docks and accommodation in northern Penida.

Be careful if you go by scooter because the road is rough and may be dangerous in some spots if you don’t take it slow!

No hiking is needed to see the hills, but you can walk up to the top of the center hill if you want to take a closer look.

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