EBC Trek Diary – Day 3: Namche Bazaar To Everest Sherpa Resorts

by David & Intan
  • Starting elevation: 3,440 m (11,300 ft)
  • Ending elevation: 3,820 m (12,530 ft) (temporary)
  • Elevation gain: 380 m (1,250 ft) (temporary)
  • Distance covered: 2.5 km (1.5 mi) (roundtrip)
  • Time hiked: 2h 0m

Day 3 is generally the shortest and easiest day of any Everest Base Camp Trek. This is an acclimatization day where you’re expected to hike up a hill, gain some elevation, and then go back down to Namche Bazaar to spend a second night there.

Many people do this with a day hike to Hotel Everest View, which is a nice hotel sitting on a steep hill above Namche. Another bonus is that you can see Everest and a bunch of other peaks from the top of this hill (hence the name of the hotel).

As soon as I stepped out of my lodge in the morning, it was very obvious that I wouldn’t be seeing Everest on this day.

It was extremely overcast and cold (even for February), and the visibility was bad. Then it started snowing.

Cloudy mountains near Namche Bazaar in Nepal
But acclimatization duty was calling, so I started hiking up the hill.

After about 1 hour of exhaustingly steep hiking in cold, annoying weather, I reached a different hotel called Everest Sherpa Resorts.

At this point it was so foggy I couldn’t see any of the mountains at all, so I decided to stop here for some lemon tea and check my position. It turns out Everest Sherpa Resorts sits at 3,820 meters, so I had done most of my acclimatization already.

The visibility was still bad, so I decided to head back down to Namche.

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MADDY September 22, 2019 - 12:58 pm

How do I get to day 4 onwards of your EBC blog? The link at the end of day 3 is for another blog.

David September 22, 2019 - 2:50 pm

Hi Maddy. Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve been meaning to add the rest of the EBC info when I get a chance, just been too tied up with current travels!


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