Peguyangan Waterfall In Nusa Penida, Bali

Peguyangan is a tiny waterfall (more like a trickling stream) at the bottom of some cliffs in Nusa Penida, and you reach it by climbing down hundreds of steps on a rickety old wooden stairway.

If you like sketchy, remote hikes with steep paths to get your adrenaline going, this one is for you!


Peguyangan Waterfall Hike

Like most hikes in Penida, this one starts from the top of a big cliff.

It follows a bright blue stairway down to an old Hindu temple at the bottom of the coast.

Underneath the main stairway, you can even see the remains of an old stairway that broke and fell before the current one was made.

The drop-offs here are lethal, and the condition of the stairs at some points is questionable (the photo below only shows the entrance, not the bad part). Proceed at your own risk!

I did this hike awhile back in a soggy pair of sandals, and majorly regretted it. With that said, the conditions will hopefully improve at some point, and I have to admit I’m tempted to go back and fly the drone around to some of the amazing cliffs here.

Entrance Fees

The parking fee is 5k IDR (less than one US Dollar) as of 2019.

Since Peguyangan is also a temple, you have to wear a sarong to enter, but these can be rented from the parking area for 10k IDR or you can bring your own for free.

How To Get To Peguyangan Waterfall

The waterfall is on the southwest side of Nusa Penida island.

It’s accessible by car or scooter, about 1 hour drive from the Sampalan docks or accommodation in northern Penida. The road here is a bit rough, so take it easy.

From the parking lot, it’s a 30 minute hike down the stairway to get to the waterfall.

Looking for more info on how to get to Nusa Penida island in the first place? You can find that here.

Nusa Penida Private Driver

If you’d like to explore Nusa Penida in the comfort and safety of a van, with a driver, my top recommendation would be

Their price is 540k IDR for a full day of driving in Penida (10 hours) for 1-5 passengers (total price for the whole van + driver!). This is a steal.

We’ve used Klook for lots of tours and activities around the world, and they’re great! Highly recommended.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at Saren Villa on the north coast of Nusa Penida, and paid $19 USD for a private double room with cold A/C, hot shower, and good WiFi.

It's not the cheapest option in Penida, but that price includes free breakfast and a great location near the best restaurants! I was happy.

Prices may fluctuate from time to time, so just keep an eye out for a good deal.

Our Nusa Penida hotel (Image courtesy of
Our Nusa Penida hotel (Image courtesy of
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