15 Best Nusa Penida Beaches To Visit

Believe it or not, some of the nicest beaches in the Bali province are actually on Nusa Penida island.

Some of these are strictly “sightseeing” type beaches with big cliffs and epic views, while others are great for normal beach activities like soaking up sun.

So whether you’re looking for good places to swim, snorkel, sunbathe, or just admire some fantastic scenery, the beaches on Nusa Penida have what you’re looking for!

Here are 15 of the best ones to check out!

1. Crystal Beach

One of the popular spots on the west side of Penida is Crystal Bay. This is a good hangout or suntanning spot, and it has plenty of food and drink shacks for refreshments. Snorkeling gear can be rented here, or you can just sit around and chill out while eating some chicken satay.

The great thing about Crystal Bay is that it’s one of the best spots to catch the sunset in Penida. Last July, I went back here with a buddy and we sipped Bintangs with our toes in the sand while the sunset came down over the rocks on the coast.

More info: Crystal Bay & Beach

Crystal Bay is a popular sunset spot in Nusa Penida.
2. Pandan Beach

Just a 20-30 minute walk over the hill from Crystal Bay is a second beach with less people. There’s a small drink shack at Pandan, but aside from that, the beach is all yours!

More info: Pandan Beach

3. Puyung Beach

If you really want seclusion, keep walking from Pandan and there’s a third beach over the next hill. This one has a stretch of perfect white sand and no people!

More info: Puyung Beach

4. Kelingking Beach

After you’re done staring in awe at the Kelingking T-Rex, there’s also a path to go down to the beach at the bottom. This hike is a major workout, a bit scary, and takes at least 2 hours roundtrip. Bring water!

As you can see in the picture below, the beach at the bottom is pristine and the waves are big; there’s even a little cave down there!

More info: Kelingking Cliff Point & Beach

5. Broken Beach

For most visitors to Penida, one of the first sightseeing stops will be Broken Beach. This is a cool circular cove formed in the rocks, complete with a leftover arch. This area is also one of the popular hangout spots for the manta rays, so you’ll most likely get to see some rays floating around in the sea nearby.

6. Smoke Beach

Ok, this is not a beach in the normal sense of the word, but it’s a cool spot where the tide hits the rocks on the coast and creates a big cloud of mist. If you’re visiting Kelingking Beach, this spot is only a 20 minute drive away!

7. Lumangan Beach

This is an inlet with a hidden beach and a huge cave. It’s not too hard to get here from Broken Beach or Korawa Beach, but this is a secret spot and the tourists are non-existent!

More info: Lumangan Beach

8. Bulian Beach

This is yet another hidden beach near Broken Bay. This one is just a 5 minute drive from Lumangan Beach, and it’s also unknown to tourists so far.

More info: Bulian Beach

9. Tembeling Cave & Beach

This is an awesome sea cave that opens up to a view of the huge cliffs on the Penida coast. There’s also a small natural pool near the cave that you can take a dip in.

The hike down to the cave and back takes at least an hour and it’s pretty exhausting, so be sure to bring water! Very cool place, and it’s right at the top of my “places to revisit in Penida” list.

Tembeling sea cave has some incredible views of the cliffs.
The view from the rocky Tembeling beach.
10. Suwehan Beach

Are you looking for a hidden beach with perfect white sand and turquoise waves? Suwehan is one of the best hidden beaches in Penida. The hike down takes about 30 minutes and it’s exhausting, but totally worthwhile. This is one of my favorite places in Penida. There’s even a cool pointy rock that looks like a Christmas tree.

More info: Suwehan Beach


11. Atuh Beach

This is one of the coolest beaches on the south end of Penida island. Unlike Suwehan Beach, Atuh is not a secret and there are sunbeds, beanbags, and a couple of nice food & drink shacks here.

The highlight of Atuh Beach is probably the big elephant shaped rock in the ocean (locals say it looks like a stiletto), and the huge variety of sea life that can be seen trapped in the rocks at low tide.

More info: Atuh Beach

12. Sebele Beach

This is a hidden beach that can be reached on a short walk from Atuh Beach. It’s not as nice and comfy as Atuh, and there aren’t any drink stands or tanning beds, but you’ll have the whole beach to yourself.

13. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach, named after the pointy diamond shaped rock on the beach, is another utterly incredible “cliff beach” on the southeastern coast of Nusa Penida. It’s newly accessible for the first time since late 2018, when a path down to the beach was carved into the side of the cliffs.

More info: Diamond Beach

14. Batu Siha Beach

Batu Siha is one of the most remote beaches on the whole island. This one requires a 4 hour round trip hike through some dense brush and steep cliffs, but the payoff is getting to see a beach that almost no one outside of Penida has ever set foot on!

More info: Batu Siha Beach

15. Beach Restaurants

The north shore of Penida is lined with neat restaurants and beach bars where you can enjoy some tropical eats along with a view of Bali’s Mount Agung volcano in the distance. This is a great way to do breakfast on Penida island! Two cafe recommendations would be Penida Colada and Next Level Cafe.


Where We Stayed

We stayed at Saren Villa on the north coast of Nusa Penida, and paid $19 USD for a private double room with cold A/C, hot shower, and good WiFi.

It's not the cheapest option in Penida, but that price includes free breakfast and a great location near the best restaurants! I was happy.

Prices may fluctuate from time to time, so just keep an eye out for a good deal.

Our Nusa Penida hotel (Image courtesy of Booking.com)
Our Nusa Penida hotel (Image courtesy of Booking.com)
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