50 Indonesia Pictures That Will Make You Want To Travel

by David & Intan

Even after taking thousands of Indonesia pictures during our travels, I still don’t feel like I can capture the raw beauty of this Southeast Asian country.

‘Wonderful Indonesia’ is home to many spectacular islands, beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, ancient temples, and so much more — and they’re usually great for photos!

I’ve written travel guides for many of the locations in these Indonesia images, so if you’re looking for more information you can find that by clicking on the links.

Everyone goes to Bali, but there are many other great places to visit and things to do in Indonesia!

Hopefully these Indonesia pictures inspire you to visit this wonderful country!

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Pulau Bahuluang Island Selayar Sulawesi

Blue water and rocky coasts at the Selayar islands.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Curug Cimarinjung Waterfall West Java

A scenic waterfall in Java called Curug Cimarinjung.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Ponot Waterfall North Sumatra

The mighty Ponot Waterfall in Sumatra is one of the biggest waterfalls in Indonesia.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Pulau Siau Island Gunung Karangetang Sulawesi

Drones can be a great way to get Indonesia images. This is the epic and mysterious Gunung Karangetang volcano hiding in the clouds.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images terasering panyaweuyan majalengka west java

Endless green terraces in Majalengka, Java.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Pantai Ora Beach Resort Maluku

Ora Beach views in Seram island. Wonderful Indonesia at its best.

Pantai Ora Beach Resort Maluku Indonesia

Ora Beach Resort in Maluku

Gunung Dukono Volcano Drone Maluku Indonesia

Mount Dukono is an active volcano you can visit in Maluku, Indonesia.

Pulau Mahoro Island Siau Indonesia

Who says Indonesia beaches aren’t beautiful?

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Kawah Ijen Mount Bromo Java

The spectacular crater lake of Kawah Ijen is one of Indonesia’s best sights.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Mount Bromo Java Island

The Mount Bromo volcanoes in Java are another popular tourist destination.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Island is the only place in the world where you can see Komodo dragons like this in the wild.

Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia Labuan Bajo Flores

This is Indonesia’s famous Pink Beach in the Komodo islands.

Goa Rangko Cave in Labuan Bajo Flores

A hidden blue pool at Goa Rangko Cave in wonderful Indonesia.

Pulau Karang Beras Sumatra Indonesia Island Drone Picture

Drone picture of Pulau Karang in Sumatra. See the small lighthouse?

Pulau Karang Beras Sumatra Indonesia Island Beach

Impossibly perfect beaches on Coral Island (Pulau Karang).

Sunset at Palambak Island in Banyak Indonesia

One of our favorite sunset photos in the Banyak Islands of Sumatra.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Sipiso Piso Waterfall Drone Picture In Berastagi Sumatra

A patchwork of farms and terraces above the Sipiso Piso Waterfall.

Sumatran Orangutan at Bukit Lawang Indonesia

Orangutan viewing at Bukit Lawang is one of the best things to do in Indonesia.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Sombori Island Pulau Kayangan Viewpoint drone picture in Sulawesi

Drone view of the Sombori islands from way up.

Pantai Labengki drone picture

Labengki is a hidden gem in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Laguna Raja Lima drone picture of the Five Kings Lagoon in Sulawesi Sombori

Unreal lagoons in Sombori, Indonesia.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Pantai Pasir Merah Red Sand Beach in Labengki

Heaven in the tropics. The beaches in Sulawesi are perfect for getting Indonesia pictures.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Sombori Raja Ampat view

Blue and turquoise lagoons in Sombori Island.

Toraja people and kids

Tana Toraja kids posing for a photo.

Flores island in Indonesia

Mount Kelimutu volcanic lakes in Flores. Not one, not two, but THREE volcanic lakes!

Bunaken island in Indonesia

A drone shot of Siladen island in Bunaken.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Drone pic of Batu Berlayar island in Belitung

Belitung island hopping scenery from above.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Komodo Island In Komodo National Park

The famous Padar Island viewpoint in Komodo. One of our favorite Indonesia photos.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Floating lake temple at Pura Ulun Danu Beratan in Bedugul Bali

This pagoda on the lake is one of Bali’s most iconic temples, and you see it in a lot of Indonesia photos.

Candi Sewu Temple in Prambanan Java

An ancient 8th century temple in Java called Candi Sewu.

Kelingking Beach Cliff Point in Nusa Penida Bali

The famous Kelingking Cliff in Nusa Penida island, just a short distance from Bali.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

This one is called Tumpak Sewu, and the name means ‘thousand waterfalls’.

Bali island in Indonesia

Bali is known for its green rice terraces.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Belitung island beach

The Tanjung Tinggi Beach in Belitung may be a hidden gem, but it’s one of my favorite Indonesia images.

Bali waterfall in Indonesia

Sekumpul Waterfall is the biggest and best waterfall in Bali.

batu baginda

A drone selfie I took on top of the giant granite boulders of Batu Baginda. See me?

lighthouse belitung drone

Dutch colonial lighthouse on Lengkuas Island in Belitung.

Belitung island in Indonesia

The white sand beaches in Belitung are perfect for Indonesia pictures.

lengkuas palms

Lengkuas lighthouse surrounded by lazy palm trees.

Bali island in Indonesia

The Mount Batur volcano is one of Bali’s most popular hikes.

Bali island tegalalang terraces in Indonesia

Drone pic of the famous Tegalalang rice terrace in Ubud, Bali.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images komodo statue

A very convincing Komodo dragon statue in Bali.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Java island Dieng Plateau

Dieng Plateau is a spectacular hidden gem in central Java.

prambanan temple

Prambanan Temple is like Indonesia’s own Angkor Wat.

bukit kasih manado

Welcome to the jungle. In rural Sulawesi, even the hills have eyes!

Tonasa Green Lake Sulawesi Indonesia

Reflections at Rammang Rammang in Sulawesi.

Indonesia Pictures Photos Images Kabut Pelangi Waterfall in East Java

The giant Kabut Pelangi waterfall in East Java.

tarsier in tree

A little tarsier hiding in a Banyan tree at Tangkoko Nature Reserve.

kabut pelangi

Wonderful Indonesia!


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